I’m Building a Publishing Empire in a Box

If you’ve self-published one book and plan to publish more, then you are a serious self-publisher. And, no doubt, you know the challenges. You’re an army of one. From idea to final book sale, every decision and task falls on your shoulders.

I’ve self-published three books—two novels and a technical programming book. I’ve co-published three Japanese-style mangas. I’ve learned much; learn more by the day. I have more books in development. Can’t wait to see them in print.

This newsletter chronicles my insights and learning adventures. It delves into every aspect of self-publishing with emphasis on technology and workflow efficiency.

I see my computer as a virtual Manhattan office tower that houses every domain of my publishing endeavor.

I’m building my Publishing Empire in a Box—book store to penthouse.

Fancy a tour?


Please step into the elevator.

  • Penthouse
  • Executive Suite
  • Operations
  • Library
  • IT
  • Editorial
  • Marketing
  • Bookstore*

I have architectural plans. See it coming along. But still much to do. I’m working around scaffolding and ladders, dry wall and plaster dust, and the smell of fresh paint.

This newsletter is weekly chronicle and log of my insights and progress.

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