Destination: Publishing Success

Writing books is time-consuming enough. But publishing, marketing, promoting sales, all while researching the next book— Whew!

Been there. Done that. Three times. Need help.

If only I had more hours in the day.

Truth—my computer is simply not working hard enough. So I’m on a journey.

I’m building a Publishing Empire in a Box. The box: a powerful, space-saving, power-sipping Intel NUC; dimensions—4.6 x 4.4 x 1.5-inches. Easy to hide on a desktop.

The NUC will be my Manhattan office suite. It will house an end-to-end complement of time-saving research, writing, editing, and book production and marketing software tools, all free and open source integrated into a sleek, efficient workflow.

In the spirit of open source I’ll share how-to recipes and the nitty-gritty details of explorations, experiments, and productivity wins. You can learn from my successes, avoid my failures, share your ideas, indeed, craft an empire of your own custom-tailored to your specific aspirations, circumstances, and need.

Tech adverse? You can you follow a cake recipe, right? No time like the present to tell your computer who’s boss.

Step-by-baby-step I’ll document how to squeeze more book publishing work out of a computer than you ever thought possible—save time, make money.

## imagine

A power-packed little box will supercharge every phase of book publishing:

  • Content and market research
  • Book proposals and production plans
  • First- to last-draft composition
  • Book design and typesetting
  • Marketing and sales

Smartly integrated best-of-breed tools that support:

  • Collation and composition of front matter and back matter
  • Book interior, styling, and typesetting
  • Crafting marketing strategies
  • Design and publishing of marketing collateral
  • Publicity and advertising campaigns
  • Digital assets management

…and more:

  • Image processing and vector drawing? Yep
  • Fan mailing list? Covered
  • Book inventory? Books delivered, on-hand, and on-order
  • Royalty/sales income and publishing expenses? Accountant friendly reports keystrokes away
  • Book event planning tools? Can’t leave home without ‘em

All this in a tiny box that fits the palm of my hand.

Well, that’s the dream.

## Hop Aboard

We’ll have fun, share ideas, hone our indie publishing chops.

This project will take time, research, and study—an ever-evolving work-in-progress. My hope is that every hour invested will save two, three, or more hours of essential but non-creative book publishing administrivia.

My personal goal:

Beautiful books, selling well, with my name on the cover.

I’m going to push my NUC to the limits of self-publishing efficiency.  So hop aboard. Challenge me. Build an ever bigger and more successful empire of your own.

I’ve been dreaming about this for years. Thinking hard. Prototyping for months.

I’ve self-published two novels and a technical programming book. Learned much. More to learn. Ask me the most essential insight to date and I’d say:

Time is my most precious asset.

I rue the countless books stillborn due to my disorganization, misdirected effort, and clueless lack of skill—squandered gifts of imagination past, squandered time.


My computer is a time machine that warp-speeds publishing workflow—or wastes it.

Productivity gained or lost is up to me and the effort I invest in harnessing my computer’s full publishing power and potential.

Inspiration? Linda.

Back in the day I managed a software development company. Linda, a talented freelance graphic artist, did outstanding  work. Her hourly rate was substantially higher than competitors. But her work was superior; her invoice for work delivered invariably less. Linda’s secret: Exceptional productivity. Linda was total master of her computer hardware, software, and workflow.

Today I have too many book ideas and not enough time. Solution: total mastery of my computer and publishing workflow.

## Road Map?

In-depth excursions into:

  • Hardware
  • Software
  • Workflow
  • Content and Marketing Research
  • Writing — Fiction and Nonfiction
  • Book Design and Production
  • Book Markets, Marketing, and Sales

My time is is tight and precious and so is yours.

I plan to set forth in baby steps, playfully—experiment with software and workflow.  Spend maybe 30 minutes a day.

Each week I’ll detail progress, outline how-tos, suggest milestones and simple tasks to keep hard on the goal: beautiful books selling well.

New to Self-Publishing?

  • Harvest ideas for your first publishing venture
  • Lay a solid foundation for success
  • Launch your first book with been-there-done-that guidance that puts you on-track with the confidence to see it through

Publishing pro?

Welcome your input.