Fiction from Writers Glen

Freein' Pancho Paperback – January 3, 2011

  • Childhood ends for Calvin Moore on a muddy hillside when he finds his beloved show horse strangled in her broken halter. "Horse killer," some say. Grief and guilt hang heavy. Calvin's bleak home life offers little solace. Calvin's step-father offers twenty dollars if he'll leave home forever. When grief manifests as rage, Calvin plunges head-long down the hard road toward self-discovery. It's 1955. Ray Kroc opens the world's first McDonald's; Blackboard Jungle premieres; Elvis Presley signs with RCA; and James Dean finds immortality on Highway 466. Rebellion and change are in the air. "That Calvin, he'll amount to something," folks around the the riding stable have been heard to say. But will he? As the hills above San Francisco Bay turn from green to golden, Calvin is faced with hard choices and perilous temptations. Night riding or joy riding? Horses or Harleys? Do the right thing or wrong? Leave home--or stay?

The Gospel of Ashes Paperback – May 20, 2012

While searching for Phan's missing daughter, Boston residents Mei Li Phan and Landry Carmichael stumble into a massive conspiracy.Their search threatens powerful forces seeking radical change. So now, they must die.
The conspiracy: nuke a major American city. Carmichael and Phan are labeled terrorists, hunted by authorities, killers on their trail. Where can they go? Who can they trust?
But past is prologue. Mei Li Phan is not what she seems; Carmichael no stranger to violence. They must each relive painful history to muster strength to survive. But strength is not enough. Can they mobilize the courage and the cunning? Can they survive long enough to save the lives of millions? To save the USA as we know it?