Into the Tech Food Forest

Admit it or not, tech is what makes self-publishing a viable aspiration. If our aspirations are bold, then tech is our superpower.

So, slather on mosquito repellant, don your safari hat, and stand with me on this craggy mountain here and behold— steaming jungle tree cover stretching across tech space to every horizon.

Daunting. Scary to some.

But I prefer to think of this jungle as a food forest. Treasures to be found if we follow the spoor along well-travelled game paths. Flora and fauna aplenty to sustain our adventures and heal our wounds.

Thing is, we couldn’t possibly in 10 lifetimes explore every path and scenic outlook in this jungle, visit every forgotten tribe. We need to have a destination—know where we want to go before we venture into the wilds..

It helps to have a guide.

I’m a pretty good guide to ease us along the more well-trodden traces that lead to self-publishing profitability and growth. But consider me a travel companion. I’ve hacked my way along a few prominent game trails, but I’m still seeking short-cuts and ever more productive foraging skills.

So we’re in for quite an adventure.

Traveling together we’ll seek skill and wisdom that give us mastery over computer hardware, software, and shell scripting.

We’ll keep eagle eye out for the most productive possible tools and methods to:

  • Collect and manage content and marketing data
  • Develop self-publishing proposals and plans
  • Advance our writing skills
  • Design and typeset our books
  • Manage online print-on-demand printers and distributers
  • Design, layout, and typeset book marketing collateral
  • Seek out, engage in, and hold our own in book events
  • Develop a critical mass of loyal fans
  • Manage the business side of self-publishing

We may well travel routes that you know well. By all means share your insights in comments below.

What can I say but tighten the laces on your hiking boots and step forth.

Let the adventure begin!