Play! It’s the Only Way

Whoo! A Publishing Empire in a Box(tm)? Sounds exhausting.

Good point. As an indie publishers I’m already juggling myriad balls and wearing many hats—researcher, writer, copy editor, book designer, typesetter, proofreader, publicist, marketing manager, bookseller, contract manager, business executive, yada, yada.

I could hire freelancers and consultants, of course, but that takes capital and robust cash flow. So I bootstrap. Trade time for money. Do it all myself— well, most of it. Talk about exhausting.

Oh, by the way, I do hire freelancers when my meager skill-set simply isn’t up to the job—painful hit on cashflow.

That said, it’s easy to forget that I’m a writer first and foremost. I need noodle time. I need all-to-hard-to-carve out high energy creative thinking and writing time. Time is my most precious asset.

In short, I need to automate the administrivia and routine tasks that sap my time and personal energy—the boring stuff that flabs out the book publishing cycle. I need every fit-for-task razor-sharp time-saving tool that I can find and master.

Bottom line: The more books I publish and market in less time, the more money pours into my empire.

But if I’m up to my eyeballs already. How can I possibly find time to discover and master new tools and do a bunch of new tech stuff?



Think of time exploring new tools and workflow as creative play. R&D.

Add four simple steps toward workflow efficiency:

  1. Identify a single tedious task that takes more time and creative energy than I think it should.

2.  Jot down a name for that task on a Post It note and slap that note on my computer monitor.

3.  Each day, allot play time to explore the most productive tools and  workflow methods I can find to automate the task.

4.  Solution found, repeat.

Think of time exploring new tools as a mental recess—playtime. A half hour a day would be optimal; ten minute a day may suffice.

Each new tool that I incorporate into my workflow is a brick—a solid increment of efficiency upon which I can build a profitable indie publishing empire. Build my empire brick by brick. The good news: Each brick brings its own reward—more time for writing; ever greater publishing success.

Anyway, worth pursuing. Be fun. I’ll document my adventures, misadventures, insights, and results in Empire Builder—software reviews, how-to tutorials, and shell shell scripts. Everything one needs to build a publishing empire—soup to nuts.

Crow-fly journey? Not likely. We’ll confront garden paths and stumbles no doubt. But, hey, we’re just playing—messing around here. R&D.

As a sales lady once told my wife, all for giggles and grins.