Books That People Want to Read

As serious self-publishers we’re the contemporary vanguard of a centuries-long tradition of story telling.

We create inform, entertain. We create worlds, breathe life into virtual characters, convey insight, knowledge, and culture.

We can take this responsibility lightly—and fail.

Write a book, self-publish, and get rich quick?

Forget about it.

We need to:

  • Write books that people want to read
  • Design, typeset, and publish trade-quality books
  • Successfully market our books

Each and every one of us has a unique perspective on life, stories to tell, insights, skills, and knowledge to share.

Subject matter is everywhere:

  • The infinite realm of imagination
  • The vast scope of human history and experience
  • The ever-expanding sphere of science and technology
  • Ideas yet postulated
  • Simple day-to-day experience and know-how
  • The deepest wells of human passions and emotion

These are the deep wells of inspiration from which we craft well-composed words to fill blank pages.

But we need to craft our prose for maximum engagement and readability. Design and publish books to be proud of. Seek out and entice readers receptive to our work. Make our books easily available where prospective readers are likely to find them.

We need to cultivate reader interest and trust. We need to earn it. We ask much of readers. Give us money, hours of time, and loyalty. We owe our readers much. Quite simply, we need to deliver respite, inspiration, and information that enhances their lives. We need to deliver the goods.

Writing is a hard-won craft. At best, writing is an art.

We read, reread, and study works of writers who have inspired us. We attend classes and workshops. We welcome critical readers and editors we trust. We become our own hardest critics.

The trick: Let the words flow as they may with grammatical and spelling warts and all THEN edit and revise with a cold hard eye for solid structure, precise meaning, rhythm, and narrative flow.

Many fine books by writers on writing out there. We read them. Strive to learn from the best.

We read Publishers Weekly.

So how do we find time to write? We’re every bit as busy living our lives as everyone else. So we carve out the time. Dedicated minutes if not hours every day.

As a serious self-publisher this, and all else, falls on my shoulders. Time is my most precious asset. I need to push my computer hardware and software to the max. I need to automate my workflow.

My ambition: A publishing empire in a box.

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