The Journey Ahead

Building an empire requires motivation, vision, and resources.


I presume we share:

  • a love of books
  • a knack for writing
  • a desire to share our work with others
  • a dream of passive income to ease our way through life


My vision is a virtual Manhattan office tower, home of my writers Glen self-publishing enterprise. Your vision, well— love to hear from you.


Three biggies:

  • Time
  • Capital (a fancy word for discretionary cash)
  • Technical skill

Short of any one or two of these resources, you can often substitute one or two of the others to make up the deficit.

Oh, and Internet access and web-search fluency is a prerequisite.

I’m a skinflint, much to do and short of time, so I rely heavily on technical skills.

Technical Skills?

Again, three biggies:

Computer hardware
Shell scripting


You no doubt have computer hardware experience. But hardware skills go beyond executing a word-processing program on your laptop. As I’ve noted in other posts, I STRONGLY urge you to set up a dedicated publishing empire work station with two monitors in a quiet and secure place. Many options are available. I’ll touch on them in future posts.

We’ll also get into network configuration for work-in-progress backups, remote access into your home office Empire work station, and web deployment of book promo sites and other such adventures.

So much to discuss.


Software—I will only talk here about free and open source software. Yes, absolutely 100 percent free of cost. No more pesky license fees. We’re after world-class quality and razor-sharp functionality to suit our needs. The vast cornucopia of outstanding free and open source software offerings will blow you away. I will suggest options and demonstrate use-cases in future posts.

We’ll look at everything from accounting to Zotero reference management software. We’ll take a deep dive into TeX-based world-class typesetting software.

Again, much to discuss.

Shell Scripting

Don’t let shell scripting scare you away. Shell scripting unlocks the awesome power hidden behind the seductive point-and-click facade of your computer’s the out-of-the-box user interface.

If you can follow a recipe to bake a cake, or build a wimpy castle with Lego blocks, then you have all the prerequisite skills you need. I will publish step-by-baby-step recipes to help propel you toward mastery.

I’m writing easy-to-follow, time-saving, how-to tech tips and tutorials as we speak.

But Here’s the Thing

Don’t try to build your publishing empire in a day. You have books to write and promote.

Approach empire building in the spirit of play, R & D, a leisure-time hobby. But, do devote—invest—ten, twenty, thirty minutes a day to advance your tech skills.

Patience, practice, and persistence will move you rapidly along the path toward growth and profitability.

Next post: The big picture—a road map.