WG Tower

So what’s this Publishing Empire in a Boxtm business?

Glad you asked.

As self-publishers we’re in the business of transforming ideas into book sales. It all comes down to data—notes, lists, plans, budgets, manuscripts, images, reviews— We labor at our computers to create, compile, edit, design, transform, store, and convey data.

The question I ask is this: Is my publishing workflow efficient enough to realize my ambitions and dreams?

To date, the answer is no.

Sitting here in the Glen, communing with nature, I asked, how can I do better? An inner voice said, “Why reinvent the wheel? Traditional publishers have refined publishing workflow to the fare thee well.”

So, my Publishing Empire in a Boxtm simulates a traditional publishing house headquartered in a Manhattan office tower. In all modesty, I call this imaginary edifice WG Tower.

WG Tower is a work environment, a vision, and a work-in-progress.

I work around scaffolding, ladders, and smell of paint. I critique, learn, and tweak every day.  Rome wasn’t built in a day—remind myself daily.

Fancy a tour?

## Lobby

Here at ground floor we have Books From the Glen. Not many works on display, but this is where we manage book sales—direct and online.

  • Book inventory management
  • Book consignments
  • Online sales
  • Direct sales transactions

Step this way to the elevator.

Writers Glen Publications



Executive Suite            | 7th Floor

Operations                   | 6th Floor

IT                                   | 5th Floor

Library                          | 4th Floor

Editorial                        | 3rd Floor

Marketing                     | 2nd Floor

Books From the Glen  | Lobby

First off, let’s peek in on the marketing department.

Going up!

## Marketing

Here is where we transform hard creative work into revenue. The busy bees in this department, well, that’s me, manage:

  • Market research
  • Marketing strategies and plans
  • Marketing email lists
  • Marketing collateral
  • Marketing campaigns
  • Events
  • Publicity

Marketing is the essential driver of profitability and growth. Frankly, I’m torn between the fun creative stuff of publishing beautiful books and the gimlet-eyed research, analysis, planning, and social schmoozing that goes into marketing.

That’s why I’m investing heavily in workflow automation—give myself more time to do what I enjoy most. Writing.

Shall we head up to editorial?

## Editorial

This my favorite floor. My company, Writersglen Publications, publishes:

  • Books
  • eBooks
  • Online content
  • Podcasts and youTube video (Well, who knows. Maybe one day)

When we build out this space to spec the worker bees here, me and my supergroup of consultants, will have everything we need to efficiently write, edit, design, typeset, and publish substantive content that matters.

Let’s zip up to the library.

## Library

No end of data pours through this place. It that needs to be collated, organized, stored, and made available at the snap of a finger.

  • Project archives
  • Project notes
  • Resource links
  • Tech tutorials

One floor up and… here we are in operations.

## Operations

Don’t say I said it—operations is a boring place. But the minions here, me, do keep the wheels turning.

  • Finance
  • Legal
  • Digital asset management

Digital assets? ISBNs, domain names, cloud servers— you get the picture.

Next floor, IT.

## IT

The IT department develops and maintains our hardware, software tools, and workflow automation scripts.

Think of IT as the nerve center of WG Tower.

Care to look in on the executive suite?

## Executive Suite

Meet Mable.

Be lost without her. Mable handles my calendar, contacts, correspondence, files.

My office is through this door. I spend my day writing, planning, and running up and down the elevator doing whatever needs to be done.

Here’s my in-box. I deal with budgets, contracts, project planning and management. I even find time to write!

Oh, over here is a my wall safe. I have a terrible memory so this is where I store passwords and other stuff.

That’s pretty much it. As you may have noticed—  We passed by empty offices on every floor. WG Towers is still as much a dream as a thriving and productive publishing power to-be-reckoned with.

But we’re hard at it.

The vision:

  • A place for everything and everything in place
  • Best-of-breed software tools
  • Optimal automation

The dream:

Beautiful books selling well with my name on the cover

So let’s zip back down to the lobby.

Oh, the penthouse. That’s my virtual home. You can’t believe how much cyber cruft and administrivia bedevils my personal life. True for us all, right?

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